What is snus?

Snus is finely cut tobacco powder that is slowly roasted for two days. Each snus is packed with nicotine and comes in a variety of flavors. The main difference between a snus and cigarettes is that snus doesn’t have any harmful chemicals like tar which makes it a safer alternative for nicotine seekers.


There are two key things to learn about the basics of snus: portion type and strength.

Portion Type
Snus is often encased in a pouch called portion but it also comes in its original powdered form called loose.
Specific to the portion type, they are further classified into two: original and white.
The original portion comes in a moist pouch which gives it a more powerful flavor due to the drip in the mouth. The white portion, on the other hand, comes in a dry pouch which allows for a more subtle experience.
Loose Type
All White
Snus comes in various strengths measured in milligram per gram (mg/g). Most common strengths are Normal (4-9 mg/g), Strong (10-13 mg/g), Extra Strong (14-18 mg/g), Super Strong (19-26 mg/g) and Insanely Strong (above 26 mg/g).
Recommendation for new users is not to go over 8mg/g and can be gradually increased over time.
(4-9 mg/g)
(10-13 mg/g)
Extra Strong
(14-17 mg/g)
Super Strong
(18-26 mg/g)
(Above 26 mg/g)