Snus House

Snus House was started by two Norwegians working in the Philippines on the lookout for snus, not just for themselves but also for their Scandinavian colleagues who were always challenged in finding snus in the country..

Since both were also strongly against smoking cigarettes, they needed to find a way to satisfy their need for nicotine. So they thought it best to bring Scandinavia’s best kept secret as an alternative to smoking – SNUS.
In 2014, they established Snus Makati which initially sold snus to a tight group of Scandinavians. As their customer base grew, they expanded their snus selection which also broadened their customers, now also enticing locals to try this new smokeless tobacco alternative.
In 2017, they then registered the company as Snus House and opened their headquarters in Makati. Simultaneous to this, they also began with their Cash On Delivery (COD) option, further exploding their snus followers.
From their humble beginnings, they now look ahead with a fervent promise to continue their vision of providing the largest selection of best quality snus to the Philippines.